School Guidance Counselling

      To ensure a continuous preparation for the choice of profession the following modules are offered:    
class contents organisation
PTA meeting “Ways to the A level” June
Visit of “BIZ” End of school year
Writing an application for the internship in the German lesson Beginning of school year
Visit of the health insurance company “BARMER” Presentation of examination week
Internship End of school year
Evaluation of the internship Project Day (beginning of school year)
A level Information Day 2 nd term
PTA meeting “Ways after the A level 2 nd term
Higher Education Information days 2 nd term
Individual counselling Monthly
Individual counselling Monthly
Higher Education Information days 2 nd term
  Cooperation with the Empolyment Agency   Our contact person from the employment agency is Mrs. Weiß. The consultation hour is monthly every 1st Monday except on holidays. In addition, individual appointments with Mrs. Weiß can be arranged.   Apprenticeship atlas   The apprenticeship atlas helps to find a way to an internship or an apprenticeship. On the internet platform various professions are presented.   Additional   Every year on the fourth Thursday in April, the “Girls Day” takes place.
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